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January 30, 2018

A Conversation About Values
People sometimes ask what we at Seattle Kombucha Company stand for. Here's a look at some of the values that we strive to be a shining example of.
1. Communications - Clear and open communication is key to our happiness and success. When we are free to communicate fully, we can thrive, love and express ourselves fully.
2. Play - We value play and bring it to every situation we can. In the spirit of play we have the best experiences, the most joy and the greatest discoveries.
3. Community - Your health and success is our success. Our company can only grow and thrive if our team and our community are also growing and thriving.
• We are committed to supporting and improving our local economy.
• We are generous and donate a percentage of our time, products and profits to people, causes and organizations that make a difference in our local community.
• Our customers ARE our community. Your satisfaction is critical to our success. When you are satisfied and excited about our company and our products, you will actively share about us and refer us to others.

• Integrity is key to our happiness and success. Doing what we say we will do by when we say we will do it builds trust and respect with others.
• We are committed to the care and healing of our bodies by making repeated, good choices.
• We believe in the saying, "Let food by thy medicine."
• Healthy decadence. We believe that healthy food can be enjoyable. Whenever possible, we eat healthy food that also tastes amazing! And we teach others to honor their bodies and do the same.
• We will not use GMO ingredients, artificial colors or artificial flavors.
• We use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
• We use organic ingredients.
• We are committed to the care and healing of our planet.
• We are committed to maintaining a culture of excellence in everything we do.


Seattle Kombucha is made with love