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Seattle Kombucha Company


* GINGER TIGER™ Kombucha - Bold Black Tea & Spicy Ginger


GINGER (Tiger) - Ginger is the best tasting, low-sugar, ginger kombucha ever!Bold, spicy, and smooth.Just what your belly and taste buds crave! The perfect low-sugar replacement for ginger beer. Drink straight or use to make your favorite mule cocktails. Pairs with almost everything!

FUNCTIONAL: Ginger and kombucha are best known for their digestive benefits.

PAIRINGS: Enjoy first thing in the morning to get your digestion going, sip throughout the day, or drink with any meal that pairs well with ginger. Classic Ginger also makes the best cocktails, including Moscow Mules, but with a lot less sugar, no stevia, no fake sugars and no sugar alcohols.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Kombucha (Filtered Water, Organic Tea, Organic Sugar), Organic Ginger Juice.