Kombucha Online Masterclass - How To Make Great Kombucha At Home

Kombucha Online Masterclass - How To Make Great Kombucha At Home

Learn how to make great tasting kombucha at home, for pennies a glass. 

Drink a lot of kombucha? Take this class and learn how to get started making your own kombucha at home for only pennies a glass!

Already make kombucha at home? Take this class to expand your home brewing knowledge by learning from a professional brewmaster.

Cut through all of the confusing, sometimes contradictory information that exists online (and in books) about how to make kombucha. 

Our goal is to have you be 100% confident to start your first batch of kombucha when the class is complete.

Kombucha Online Masterclass is a 1.5 hour hour online video class where you will learn about the the process of making kombucha at home by watching Wayne Greenfield, Seattle Kombucha Company's BrewMaster (a professional kombucha brewer) guide you through the important things to consider when making kombucha. Wayne will also walk you through the process of how to make your very first batch of kombucha at home.

You will also get our 100% Success Guarantee. As a masterclass or pro support customer, if you aren't successful with your first batch, or you accidentally ruin your SCOBY that you bought from us, we will send you a replacement SCOBY absolutely free!

How to Brew Your First 2 Gallon Batch of Kombucha At Home

Even if you have already taken another course, watched a few videos on how to brew kombucha or you've been brewing at home for years, our students find great value in learning from a professional kombucha brewer with years of commercial and home brewing experience. Students often discover faster, more efficient, or more creative ways to do things. Or they make better, more consistent kombucha or eliminate their annoying, repeating problems after taking the class.

Other Kombucha Home Brewing Supplies
 available for sale include: Kombucha SCOBY Starter Kits, 2 gallon brewing bucket and 5 gallon brewing buckets w/ stainless spigots and covers to block pests; tea; sugar, and kombucha pH test strips.

Professional Brewer Support is also available for purchase ($50) if you would like to receive individual, personal support from our brewmaster to support you through the successful completion of your first batch.(Professional brewer support includes being able to text and email photos and ask questions of our professional kombucha brewers. It may also include individual phone call(s) to more quickly and thoroughly answer your questions.)
After ordering the class, please contact us via email and we will send you the instructions and online code to complete your class online.