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Seattle Kombucha Company


5 Gallon Keg of BERRY BERRY™ Kombucha - *Requires Kegerator

BERRY BERRY™ is sparkling, sweet and slightly tart. Loaded with antioxidants from both acai and elderberries. Drink as an afternoon pick-me-up. Or in the evening, pair with vodka, gin, and other fruit juices to your taste.

INGREDIENTS: Kombucha* (Filtered Water, Live Probiotic Culture*, Tea*, Sugar*), Acai*, Elderberries*, Blueberries*†, Raspberries*†, Spices*†. *Organic Ingredients, †May contain

Kombucha On Tap!
Have the best tasting kombucha on tap in your office, restaurant, or bar/cafe. Everyone will appreciate having this delicious beverage easily available. Kegs are also available for catering and special events, including weddings. Each keg is 5 gallons, and provides 50 12oz servings.  Available in sanke or cornelius (corny) style.

Feel free to contact us at (425) 985-2364 or if you have any questions.