Seattle Kombucha Company


* OMG!™ - Orange, Mango and Ginger! Caffeine Free Water Kefir


OMG!™ is our most popular flavor. Enjoy anytime. Contains no tea and NO CAFFEINE!

Named at Pike Place Market when customers exclaimed "Oh My God!" after tasting it!  OMG! is refreshing, bright, and zesty. Unlike anything else you've ever had. OMG stands for Orange Mango Ginger.

It's not kombucha. It's something similar called water kefir. Instead of fermenting tea, we ferment various organic sugars and fruits to create something incredibly unique, delicious and tasty. Kefir is the original fermented soda.

Try using OMG!™ in your smoothie or make a float with vanilla ice cream. Also try making OMG!™ mimosas or screwdrivers. Add a little orange or mango juice if you like it a little sweeter. Garnish with orange slice.

INGREDIENTS: Water Kefir (Filtered Water, Live Probiotic Culture, Organic Sugar, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Molasses, Piloncillo, Organic Figs), Organic Mango Puree, Organic Ginger Juice, Orange Oil.

Contains: Coconut

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