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Seattle Kombucha Company

5 Gallon OMG! HOPS™ Keg

Kombucha On Tap!

Have the best tasting kombucha on tap in your office, restaurant, or bar/cafe. Everyone will appreciate having this delicious beverage easily available. Kegs are also available for catering and special events, including weddings. Each keg is 5 gallons, and provides 50 12oz servings. 

OMG! HOPS™ is a zesty, refreshing, non-alcoholic replacement for beer. Tastes like an fruity IPA. Even if you don't like the taste of beer, give it a try. You might be delightfully surprised. It's delicious and great with any food. Anytime anywhere.

INGREDIENTS: Water Kefir*, White Grape Juice*, Orange Juice*, Ginger Juice*, Banana Puree*†, Mango Puree*, Apple Juice*†, Pineapple Juice*†, Carrot Juice*†, Hops (Organic and Non-organic), Beta Carotene†, Citric Acid†, Citrus Oil. *Organic Ingredients, †May Contain

Feel free to contact us at (425) 985-2364 or wayne@seattlekombucha.com if you have any questions.


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