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Seattle Kombucha Company


Kombucha 101 ONLINE CLASS: How To Brew Kombucha At Home. NOW ONLINE!

Learn the basics of how to make kombucha at home!


Cut through all of the confusing, sometimes contradictory information that exists online and in books about how to make kombucha. Get started making your own kombucha at home, or expand your existing kombucha home brewing knowledge.

This is a 1.5 - 2 hour hour class where students learn the process of making Kombucha at home, and get to watch one of Seattle Kombucha’s professional kombucha brewers walk you through the process of how to make kombucha at home. Our goal is for you to be 100% confident in starting your first batch of kombucha at home.

Even if you have been making kombucha at home for years, our students find great value in learning from a professional kombucha brewer with years of experience and being able to ask specific kombucha frequently asked questions, and meet with other home brewers.

Take Aways: Each student will receive a Kombucha home brewing starter kit (Includes approximately 1 quart of kombucha scoby and starter liquid.) This starter kit, along with your own tea, sugar and kombucha brewing container, will make approximately 2 gallons of new kombucha (Twenty 12 oz bottles) in approximately two weeks.

Other Kombucha Home Brewing Supplies
 available for sale include brewing jars and buckets, stainless spigots, covers to block pests, tea, sugar, and pH strips.

Students will also have the opportunity to purchase professional brewer support for additional support after the class during the making of their first batch, which includes being able to text and email photos and questions to professional kombucha brewers for assistance.
After ordering the class, call (425)985-2364 or email to get your online code to take the online class, and to schedule delivery or pick up of your starter kit and brewing supplies.