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Private Tasting Party Event @ Your Location: Available Now!

Private Tasting Party Event @ Your Location:Available Now!

Seattle Kombucha can bring the tasting party to you!  We'll deliver a professional, organic kombucha tasting experience right in your home, office, or other location led by one of our expert, taproom mixologists.

Prepare to have fun, taste lots of organic kombucha (up to 12 flavors) and discover the wonderful world of kombucha and other probiotic beverages. From light and fruity to bold and spicy you'll get to taste a range of different flavors, learn about the different styles of kombucha and determine what styles you like and prefer.

Order early for best scheduling availability. See Details below. 

Allow 60-75 minutes for the experience without food or with very light snacks, or 1.5 - 3 hours if you are pairing foods with the kombucha (usually 1.5 - 3 hours.)

After you purchase your Tasting Party Event please contact our scheduling department to determine a time that works for your event.

Off-Site Tasting Parties charges are based on 1. time and distance; 2. whether you want to do a party without food, with small appetizers or a full meal; and 3. the number of people in attendance.

General guidelines: Within 30 minutes drive ($100 without food and $200 with food pairings.) + $15 per person + cost of food catering (if any)

NOTE: We do not provide food, but we can help you choose a caterer for your event.


Seattle Kombucha is made with love