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TRY ALL 8 FLAVORS - $4.59/can

Try All 8 Flavors - New Customer Special

Order an 8 Can Variety Pack of delicious Seattle Kombucha today to try all our flavors.

Discover your favorites with this 8 Can Variety Pack, then set up a regular subscription for regular, automatic shipments and big savings.

Try our insanely delicious, handcrafted Seattle Kombucha. Smooth, balanced, not too sour, not too sweet. Now in convenient, grab and go 12oz aluminum cans. If you haven't tried our flavors, this Variety Pack is a great way to get started and discover all of our flavors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Ballard

This could become a habit

Tina Pecheos
Best Kombucha EVER

Giving up beer can be rough but even if that wasn’t my motivation this is just one darn good drink! The carbonation level is sheer perfection and I am one picky prickly cactus when it comes to that. My favorite was the Ginger Jasmine and a the tie for second goes to Lady Grey and Blood Orange. The Blood Orange was a shocker because I have a heavy distain for blood orange cider. I’m so glad I decided to try all your flavors and to be honest none were disappointing. In fact I was left asking the question “Do these guys make a bad kombucha?”