Seattle Kombucha Company


* OMG!™ - Orange, Mango and Ginger! Caffeine Free Water Kefir


OMG!™ is our BEST SELLER. Refreshing, bright, and zesty. Orange Mango Ginger, caffeine-free water kefir with a delicious citrus taste. Unlike anything else you've ever had.

Named at Pike Place Market when customers exclaimed "Oh My God!" after tasting it! Enjoy anytime. Try using OMG!™ in your smoothie, or make a float with vanilla ice cream. Try making OMG!™ mimosas or screwdrivers. Contains no tea and NO CAFFEINE!

INGREDIENTS: Water Kefir* (Filtered Water, Cane Sugar*, Coconut Sugar*, Molasses*, Figs*†, Sea Salt*†, Lemons*†), Mango Puree*, Ginger Juice*, Citric Acid†, Citrus Oil. *Organic Ingredients †May Include