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Seattle Kombucha Company, LLC was started back in 2016 by Wayne Greenfield, our founder and Brewmaster. Wayne was a winemaker when he discovered kombucha. "Wine is great. I love the complex tastes and unique styles, but I can't drink it much anymore." said Wayne. "Even if I limit myself to half a glass of wine, I usually feel worse after drinking it, not better."

"When I realized that I could ferment different teas and herbs into delicious, non-alcoholic kombucha, I was hooked!"

Since 2014, Wayne has developed his techniques and recipes; completed A LOT of scientific research; built a 4500 square foot brewery and experimented with thousands of batches. Wayne is affectionately referred to as "That Kombucha Guy™". And he teaches and coaches others how to make the best kombucha at home. If you would like to learn, visit our DIY Home Brewing Page.

Seattle Kombucha Company founder and Brewmaster, Wayne GreenfieldWayne tending the Seattle Kombucha kombucha bar at Pike Place Market


Our mission at Seattle Kombucha Company is to help you steer clear of unhealthy soda, alcohol and artificial sweeteners as much as possible. Too much sugar, too much alcohol and too many artificial sweeteners are known to cause disease and illness.

What if there was a way to live your life in balance and still have delicious beverages? You can. And that's why we make and ship the World's Best Kombucha™.


During the pandemic, we lost our ability to sell at Pike Place Market or even give out samples in the stores. We started delivering direct and began focusing on a plan to build a larger brewery and ship direct.

After building a larger brewery in 2021, switching to cans in 2022 and being approved to make our product shelf stable in 2023, we are positioned to provide you and all kombucha lovers across the USA with our great tasting, low sugar, alternative to unhealthy soda and alcohol.

Seattle Kombucha can help you reduce your sugar, reduce your alcohol and reduce your reliance on artificially sweetened beverages.

Try a Seattle Kombucha Variety Pack today.

Seattle Kombucha Company Local Hero Product Lineup Image Flavors 12 oz cans 



Try a Seattle Kombucha Variety Pack today.

Pike Place Market Seattle Kombucha Company Emily

Pike Place Market Seattle Kombucha Company


• We use simple, real, delicious ingredients and we are transparent about it. We even print the ingredients information in larger type so that you can actually read it!

• We use organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and pesticide free ingredients whenever possible.

• We sweeten with real organic sugar, but we keep it low sugar.

• Taste matters. Health matters. Enjoyment matters. "Balance Daniel-San."

• Quality over quantity. Drink the BEST you can afford. You deserve it!

• Our kombucha is handmade in small batches in our artisanal, craft brewery.

For more about our VALUES, check out our Values Blog Post.

Try a Seattle Kombucha Variety Pack today.

Seattle Kombucha Company Local Hero Product Lineup Image Flavors 12 oz cans