Our Story

 Seattle Kombucha Company was started by local food entrepreneur, Wayne Greenfield, our founder and Brewmaster. Wayne was a previous home winemaker, nursery owner, health coach, and Internet entrepreneur who was preparing to start a winery. After helping tens of thousands of people connect to the Internet and becoming a wine connoisseur, he discovered kombucha and decided that starting a locally owned and family operated probiotic kombucha brewery would be a better choice!

Part of the attraction to making kombucha commercially was that his then 6 year old son was also interested in drinking and brewing kombucha. Wayne and Sam could distinguish the different teas, herbs and spices used in the brews, and were keen to experiment with new ways to improve each batch. The strange and exhilarating taste of fermented sweet and sour goodness was love at first sip and kept their attention.

Driven to succeed, Wayne committed to creating a brewery in Seattle and making the best tasting kombucha that would also pair amazingly well with food, like fine wines. "Our goal is to create flavors and blends that are complex, yet simple. Ones that complement your experience of a meal.  Sweet and sour. Delicate and bold.  Healthy and decadent. Our desire is to have you recognize, enjoy and crave all of the various components of our beverages the way you would enjoy and describe a fine wine. Sight. Aroma. Flavor. Finish."

Today, Seattle Kombucha Company is a growing team of passionate foodies. We are dedicated to creating community through a mutual passion for great food and a healthy lifestyle.We are committed to:

  • healthy decadence
  • making insanely great products you are proud to serve your friends and family
  • success through teamwork
  • building community
  • Pacific NW values including: sustainability, environmental awareness, sourcing locally when possible, minimizing our carbon footprint, and using organic, non-GMO ingredients.

We are Seattle Kombucha Company.