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A Conversation About Values

by Wayne Greenfield January 30, 2018 1 min read

A Conversation About Values

Clean Ingredients, Products and Labels
• We triple filter our water to ensure great taste, health and consistency
• We use organic ingredients whenever possible
• We use the highest quality teas, sugars, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables possible
• We do not use GMO ingredients


Healthy Indulgence
• Healthy can taste amazing!
• "Let food be thy medicine."
• We want your taste buds to get excited!
• Healthy gut ==> healthy body + healthy mind


Culture of Excellence
• Build trust and mutual respect with our partners and customers
• Make it super easy to do business with us
• Make it super easy to communicate with us
• Do what we say and communicate well with others
• Do the right thing for our customers, team members, resellers and the planet


• We are committed to supporting and improving our local economy
• We work with small, local resellers and suppliers whenever possible
• We regularly donate product and profits to local causes and organizations


Do Less Harm
• We realize that by being a business, we will generate waste and pollute
• We search for and implement ways to reduce our footprint


• We acknowledge that Play is a very important part of life and often overlooked
• We play with our food, support local events and engage with the community
• We create new, seasonal flavors on a regular basis to keep things fun and interesting

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