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A Conversation About Values

by Wayne Greenfield July 01, 2023 2 min read

A Conversation About Values

Why We Exist
 • We are food artists. We love making delicious, unique, one of a kind beverages for people who understand and appreciate what we do and want to participate in our mutual success by regularly purchasing our products.
• We support and encourage healthy lifestyle choices to more and more people through new product development, increasing our production, and education.
• When you want to drink something other than water, we want you to choose our beverages to be a healthy and enjoyable part of your day.

We Believe in "Healthy Indulgence"
• Healthy food and beverage can taste amazing!
• "Let food be thy medicine."
• Healthy gut ==> healthy mind and body
• Everything in moderation (You don't need to deny yourself or suffer to be healthy.)

Transparency, Clean Ingredients, Products and Labels
• We list our ingredients in large type so that you can read it
• We use the highest quality ingredients; teas, sugars, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables possible
• We use organic ingredients whenever possible
• We DO NOT use artificial sweeteners
• We DO NOT use Genetically Modified ingredients (Non-GMO)

Culture of Excellence
• Make it super fun and easy to do business with us
• Make it super easy and enjoyable to communicate with us
• Do what we say and communicate well with others

Focus on Family
• We are committed to supporting and improving our families, our community and our economy
• We work with small businesses whenever possible
• We regularly donate or provide discounts to local causes and organizations that align with our values

Do Less Harm
• We realize that by being a business, we will generate waste and pollute.
• We search for and implement ways to reduce our waste and resources used.
• We recognize that what we do to and for the planet matters. If you haven't already read it, please check out 'The Carbon Almanac' by Seth Godin for how you can make a difference.
• Investors and profits are important to our company, but maximizing monetary profits is not the only reason for our company's existence

• We acknowledge that Play is a very important part of life and often overlooked
• We play with our food, and expect that our customers will also.
• We invite you to play with us, and suggest flavor ideas, cocktail recipes, and other healthy lifestyle suggestions that we can share with our fans. Please send your ideas to wayne@seattlekombucha.com
• We create new flavors and limited seasonal releases to keep things fun and interesting.

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