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How We Make Seattle Kombucha

by Wayne Greenfield January 30, 2018 2 min read

Seattle Kombucha Brewery Wayne Greenfield


We are a dedicated team of foodies who love eating and drinking. Our goal is to make the healthiest and best tasting beverages possible to improve your experience of life!To make the best :

1. We use premium organic ingredients

 We use 3 types of filters to filter our delicious NW mountain water to create consistently great tasting kombucha. We remove any sediment, odors, chlorine and other impurities that may be present in the water BEFORE making our kombucha. Using the best water also helps us extract the most delicious and sometimes delicate flavors from our premium teas.

• PREMIUM ORGANIC INGREDIENTS -We use only the best tasting and premium organic tea, sugar, fruit juices, extracts, herbs and spices. We painstakingly select all ingredients for flavor, aroma and health benefits.

• Plant Based
• Vegan ingredients only! whether or not you are vegan.
• No GMO Ingredients!
• Gluten-Free!
• No artificial colors!

• BEST TASTING, HIGHLY SELECTED PROBIOTIC STARTER CULTURES -Over the years since we began, we have selectively bred and developed our own probiotic culture colony for premium quality and taste. Our products are the best because we have trillions and trillions of the best tasting and happiest bacteria and yeast on earth working for us! Getting the environment just right is a labor of love, but it makes a huge difference between what our premium kombucha tastes like and what other kombucha tastes like.

2. We brew with 100% love!

WE LISTEN - Similar to having a green thumb in gardening, many brewers will tell you that you have to listen to the yeast and bacteria for what they need to be happy and healthy and reproduce well. Over the years, we've developed a keen brewers sixth sense to listen for what makes the bacteria and yeast the happiest co-workers on earth.

• IDEAL ENVIRONMENT - We also custom built our brewery to create the ideal kombucha brewing environment for our culture. Temperature, humidity and air quality are all important to creating the best kombucha. We even play music for our microbiological friends to enhance their growth and flavor!

3. We experiment and play!

We are constantly playing with our food, trying new foods, and experimenting with new flavor combinations. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. :-)

Come join us on our adventure to create the healthiest, most delicious beverages.
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You can also become a local brand ambassador and help us spread the word to stores, delis, bars, restaurants, companies and other customers and resellers that would prefer purchasing our delicious products.
We look forward to making the best tasting beverages for you, and invite you to join us for a brew.
- Wayne Greenfield, Brewmaster and Founder
Seattle Kombucha Company, LLC

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