SCOBY & Starter Liquid 32oz w/ FREE SHIPPING USA - enough to make 2 Gallons

Want to Make The Best Tasting Kombucha at Home?

Use our Seattle Kombucha SCOBY & Starter Liquid Kit - If you already have a brew bucket and all the other supplies to get started, but you need a new SCOBY and Starter Liquid, this is it. Buy Now and get 32oz (1 quart) of Guaranteed Super Strong Starter Liquid and a Kombucha SCOBY w/ FREE SHIPPING to make 2 Gallons of kombucha at home.

If you want to make the best tasting kombucha at home you should start by using the best tasting kombucha SCOBY and Starter Liquid from Seattle Kombucha Company.

At Seattle Kombucha, we use only the highest quality, best tasting teas and organic evaporated cane sugar to make our kombucha SCOBY home making kits. It is an active culture to get you started brewing right away!

The SCOBY & Starter Liquid includes enough SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, aka "the mother") and strong starter liquid to make 2 gallons of your own organic kombucha at home. We provide FREE SHIPPING and written instructions via email. We assume that you already have all the other necessary items to get started including brew bucket, tea, sugar, filtered water, etc.

However, if you are new to the home brewing game, and need a brew bucket and/or Professional Brewer Support we recommend that you upgrade to one of the options below.

DELUXE SCOBY, STARTER & SUPPORT KIT (if you already have a brew bucket) but you need a new SCOBY, Starter Liquid, and want PRO SUPPORT from a professional kombucha brewer, PLUS an ONLINE VIDEO showing you step by step how to get started right, choose the DELUXE KIT.

Everything you get with the DELUXE KIT, PLUS a Two (2) Gallon brewing bucket.

Everything you get with the DELUXE KIT, PLUS a Five (5) Gallon brewing bucket.

NOTE: If you don't see what you need, just ask! We hope that you enjoy brewing kombucha at home as much as we enjoy making it at the brewery.

Order your Seattle Kombucha SCOBY & Starter Liquid Now!