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What is Seattle Kombucha and Why Should You Drink It?


by Wayne Greenfield, Founder and Head BrewMaster at Seattle Kombucha Company

Kombucha is made from tea, sugar and kombucha culture drinking kombucha and clinking glasses together

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a beverage made by fermenting iced tea. We have a brewery that looks very similar to a beer brewery or winery.

1. We brew tea from the finest organic teas, fruits and spices from around the world.
2. We add sugar - organic evaporated cane sugar.
3. We pump it into a fermenting tank.
4. We add our "starter culture" of proprietary kombucha yeast and bacteria to the tank and let the kombucha ferment.

The fermentation process transforms the sweetened tea mixture into a

* low sugar
* low caffeine
* delicious
* easy to digest
* sparkling
* non-alcoholic
* healthy alternative to soda, beer, wine and other sugary and alcoholic drinks.

Kombucha contains all the polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and beneficial acids from the teas and ingredients used, transformed to deliciousness by the fermentation process.

That's the short answer... If you want to know MORE.... keep reading... otherwise, order some Seattle Kombucha and experience it for yourself.


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What does kombucha taste like?

The taste of kombucha depends on who makes it, what ingredients they use, and how much skill they have at brewing. At it's best, kombucha is a little sweet, a little sour, and has a pleasant, balanced taste profile that matches what you would expect from that flavor. And if you are really lucky, the kombucha will have a pleasant finish and aftertaste that makes you come back for more!

Unfortunately, a lot of kombucha just tastes awful. It's often too sour, too sweet, has an "off" flavor or doesn't have much flavor. Or maybe it's been brewed too long and tastes like vinegar.

However, you will be glad to know that Seattle Kombucha has a satisfying, unique, balanced taste, with a pleasant finish.

We make Seattle Kombucha so that it is:

• sparkling - but not too fizzy
• a little sweet
• a little tart/sour
• low in sugar
• non-alcoholic
• well balanced
• no "off" flavors
• tastes like the ingredients it is made from

Meaning, if it says its made from green tea and mango juice, it should taste like green tea and mango!

We have high standards, and we believe you deserve the best!

wine glasses set out for kombucha during a fine dining meal

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Why has kombucha become popular?

Kombucha is a refreshing fermented beverage usually made by fermenting sweetened green and/or black tea. Kombucha has become a popular, better-for-you alternative to reduce the consumption of less-healthy and often addictive sugar-filled, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks including soda, juice, coffee, tea, beer, wine and energy drinks.

When fermented traditionally like Seattle Kombucha, finished kombucha will contain beneficial acids, probiotics and other nutrients like B vitamins and minerals that contribute to increased energy, a healthy digestive system and help to support immunity.

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Beer Flight

Why should I drink Seattle Kombucha?

Most people drink Seattle Kombucha because of its digestive health benefits. Some people drink it for its unique taste and low sugar. Seattle Kombucha contains beneficial acids and polyphenols that are also beneficial for immunity support.

Why I drink it...

Personally, in addition to the health benefits, I drink Seattle Kombucha for its unique taste profile and for what it replaces. For me, it is less boring than drinking plain water, lemon water or herbal teas all of the time. I still like to drink other relatively unhealthy things on the list below. I just try to drink them less frequently than I used to before I discovered kombucha.

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What kombucha replaces...

My consumption of Seattle Kombucha also REPLACES MY DESIRE to drink less healthy beverages, including...

coffee or caffeinated tea (usually both make me too jittery if I have too much)
energy drinks (too much caffeine, stimulants, sugar and artificial ingredients. Also make me jittery)
soda(regular soda is usually loaded with too much sugar, 30-50 grams! per 12oz, and artificial flavors and colors)
diet soda (I hate the taste and after taste of artificial sweeteners, not to mention the negative health consequences of the artificial sweeteners)


sweetened ice tea (love the taste, hate the sugar spike.)
fruit juices(love the taste, hate the sugar spike.)
sugar filled smoothies (love the taste, hate the sugar spike and calories)
beer (hate the carbs and the calories, as well as the way I feel afterwards)
wine (love the variety and taste, I hate the sugar and the way I feel afterwards)
alcohol (love the variety, creativity and taste. I hate the sugar and the way I feel afterwards if I consume more than a little.)

All of these things taste unique and have their place in my diet, but I still usually only drink them sparingly. Why? I usually feel worse after drinking them than I did before. If I stick to water, lemon water, herbal tea, kombucha and a small amount of those other drinks occasionally, I just feel way better.

AND, when I think about all the money I USED TO spend on morning coffee at the local coffee shop; bottled water throughout the day (instead of filling my water bottle before leaving home); wine, beer or soda with meals; coffee at meetings; cocktails before meals; cocktails after meals, it all added up.

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Seattle Kombucha cans

With Seattle Kombucha, you get:

• a little bit of caffeine and a lot of flavor from the teas and flavorings
• a little bit of sugar from the product overall, mostly for taste
• NO artificial sweeteners or colors
• a LOT OF unique, refreshing flavor from the teas, flavorings and the fermentation process in general
• Gut-friendly probiotics, acids and vitamins; and the peace of mind knowing that you didn't just drink any of those other things I previously mentioned.

When I have a craving for one of those other things, I can usually find a flavor of Seattle Kombucha that satisfies my craving AND makes me feel better than I did before.

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For me, Seattle Kombucha...

1. satisfies my cravings without spiking my blood sugar or giving me a caffeine or alcohol rush and crash

2. tastes more complex and interesting than those other things, and

3. makes me feel better afterwards

So, in general, I would say kombucha helps people because it helps reduce and/or replace less healthy beverage options, and makes them feel better overall.


Why should I drink Seattle Kombucha?

1. You want similar benefits to what I mentioned above.

2. You want to support a local Seattle craft brewery dedicated to gut-health and food artistry!

3. You want to drink the best tasting kombucha anywhere!

Don't believe us? Try some today.

We can't tell you how many times someone has tried our kombucha and exclaimed... "This is kombucha? I never thought it could taste this good!"

We're basically tea ninjas who love and appreciate our guts. :-)

We've been making and enjoying kombucha since 2015. We'd love for you to join us and become our next Seattle Kombucha raving fan. Try some today!

To Get Started, try a 12 Can Variety Pack