Seattle Kombucha Company


5 Gallon SEASONAL FLAVOR Keg (REQUEST A FLAVOR) - *Requires Kegerator


SEASONAL FLAVORS are available each and every month of the year. Please call or text us for the latest selection of seasonal flavors, or make a request:

Black Peach - Black tea and peach, with or without Mango, Ginger, and/or Cayenne
Papaya - Black tea fruity papaya flavored kombucha
Christmas Cola (Herbal Spiced Cola)- Winter & by request
OMG Hops! - Summer & by request
Sour Lemon - by request
Sour Raspberry - by request
Strawberry - by request
Tangerine - by request
Tropical - by request
Watermelon - by request

Kombucha On Tap!
Have the best tasting kombucha on tap in your home, office, restaurant, or bar/cafe. Everyone will appreciate having this delicious beverage easily available. Kegs are also available for catering and special events, including weddings. Each keg is 5 gallons, and provides 50 12oz servings.  Available in sanke or cornelius (corny) style kegs (please specify in notes when ordering.)

Questions? Call 1(888)242-8880, or Text (425)985-2364 or Email