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Copy of Our Story

 SEATTLE KOMBUCHA COMPANY'S Mission is to help make it easy to live a healthy, happy lifestyle regardless of your age, income and physical ability.

was started by local food entrepreneur, Wayne Greenfield, our founder and Brewmaster. Wayne was a winemaker preparing to start a premium winery. While planning his new business, Wayne discovered kombucha and decided that starting a locally owned and family operated kombucha brewery would be a better, healthier choice!

Part of the attraction to making kombucha was that his then 6 year old son was also interested in drinking and brewing kombucha. Wayne and Sam drank and ate together, played with different combinations of teas, herbs and spices used in the brews, and were keen to experiment with new ways to improve each batch. Their goal was to create delicious, complex flavors that everyone would fall in love with!

Driven to success, Wayne found friends and family to invest and created a kombucha brewery near Seattle. "Our goal is to make the best tasting and most balanced kombucha possible. With flavors and blends that are complex, yet simple. Ones that, like a fine wine, will complement your experience of a meal, or will taste amazing on their own."

"Our desire is to have you recognize, enjoy and crave all the various components of our kombucha the way you would enjoy and describe a fine wine. Sight, Aroma, Flavor, Mouthfeel and Finish."

Pike Place Market Seattle Kombucha Company Emily

Today, Seattle Kombucha Company is a growing team of passionate foodies. We are dedicated to creating community through a mutual passion for delicious, decadent and healthy food and beverage choices! And to make it easier for you and your family to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising flavor.

Pike Place Market Seattle Kombucha Company

We are committed to:

  • making insanely delicious, low sugar, organic beverages you are proud to drink and share with others
  • success through teamwork and team building
  • supporting our communities of health and wellness so that we can all connect and thrive together
  • Pacific NW Values. We use organic, non-GMO, pesticide free ingredients that are gluten free and sourced locally when possible. We compost, recycle, and support environmental awareness and sustainability while minimizing our carbon footprint.

If you would like to support our efforts by becoming a brand ambassador, investor or team member, please contact our founder, Wayne Greenfield at wayne@seattlekombucha.com or call (425) 985-2364.