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Frequently Asked Questions about Kombucha

Frequently Asked Questions about Kombucha?

by Wayne Greenfield, Founder and Head BrewMaster at Seattle Kombucha Company

What healthy things does kombucha contain?
Kombucha made from white, green and black tea (camelia senensis) contains some of the beneficial properties of the tea including polyphenols (antioxidants) and some of the beneficial properties that are produced when the tea and sugar is transformed into kombucha during the fermentation process, including B vitamins, essential beneficial acids (mostly acetic acid) and probiotics (beneficial bacteria).

Where did kombucha come from?
Believed to have originated in China or Russia (where tea cultivation originated), people have been drinking kombucha for thousands of years, usually for its digestive benefits, health benefits, natural energy boost and unique taste. 

What does kombucha taste like?
The taste of kombucha is unique, and probably unlike anything else you have probably ever tasted. 

There is good tasting kombucha and there is bad tasting kombucha. Part of it is your personal preference. Part of it is your ability to taste various subtle flavors and nuances. That all depends who makes it and what it is made from. For example...

What does GOOD kombucha taste like?
When done well, we believe that kombucha should taste like a fermented iced tea with the qualities of the various ingredients that went into making it.

For example, our raspberry rose is made with black tea, raspberries and rose. You can taste each of those elements when you taste our raspberry rose kombucha. The flavor starts with a fruity raspberry iced tea flavor and a pleasant rounded mouthfeel, with a little bite. It's not flabby or boring or watered down. It has substance. It tastes like the flavor it is meant to be. The ingredients complement each other without being overbearing or competing needlessly with each other for your attention. There is a reasonable amount of acid present as well as a pleasant, lingering finish that invites you back for another sip. Sounds great, right?

What does BAD kombucha taste like?
When done poorly, kombucha can taste like vinegar, bad wine, old beer, perfume, very yeasty or like spoiled fruit. It might also be very boring and just taste like a $.80 can of flavored sparkling water. There are lots of other ways it could taste 'OFF' similar to the way a bad wine or beer can be unpleasant.

How are different kombucha brands different?
LIGHT - Some brands of kombucha may be very light and taste like flavored sparkling water with a whisper of a fruit flavor.

STRONG - Some kombucha brands may taste much stronger and acidic, like vinegar, and may make your face pucker. More acidic brands might also make your tummy upset or just taste off.

JUST RIGHT - Some kombucha brands taste more like flavored tea and the various ingredients that are included in the kombucha.

I would say that Seattle Kombucha falls into the last category and tastes more like flavored tea.

What makes Seattle Kombucha different?
Some kombucha is made by tea lovers. Some kombucha is made by scientists. Some kombucha is made by marketers.

Seattle Kombucha is made by tea lovers, who appreciate science and who learned to be marketers to grow our company in order to keep doing what we love - making delicious kombucha to help support your daily digestion so you can do what you love. :-) 

 What else makes different kombucha companies different?

Some don't use enough sweetener. Some use too much sweetener.

Some brands use artificial sweeteners. Some don't.

Some brands use sugar alcohols to say they are "sugar free". Some don't.

Some brands use stevia or monk fruit as additional sweeteners. Some don't.

Some add caffeine. Some don't.

Some sit on the shelves forever and go bad. Some don't.

Some add juice for flavoring. Some don't.

Personally, I like to avoid things I don't understand. And I look for clear ingredient labels with things I understand.

What makes Seattle Kombucha the best?
Seattle Kombucha believes that great kombucha you will enjoy drinking every day for your digestive health and wellness should be

BALANCED in both flavor and strength
DELICIOUS and easy to drink
POTENT to be effective as a daily digestive tonic

What are some qualities of a good kombucha? 

Good tasting kombucha has some qualities of:

• soda/pop - fizzy, acidic, refreshing, cold
• tea - various tea flavors come through, as well as their healthy benefits
• wine - depth of flavors, unique flavor notes, sometimes a lingering finish, acidic, refreshing
• vinegar - acidic, sour, sharp

Kombucha is unique in that it can have SOME or ALL of these qualities AT THE SAME TIME.

If kombucha is thousands of years old, why it is only now becoming much more popular?
Kombucha consumption is now becoming popular as more people learn about the many health problems associated with the over-consumption of sugar, and look for healthier food choices, including fermented foods and beverages.

What does fermented mean?
It means that kombucha is made by adding bacteria and yeast to a source of sugar. In kombucha, the bacteria and yeast eat the sugars that are added to the tea, and some of the unique minerals and nutrients present in the tea leaves, herbs, spices and flavorings we add to the batch. The result is a unique sweet/sour, fizzy, probiotic beverage called kombucha!

What other kinds of foods that we eat are fermented by microorganisms?
Cheese, yogurt, chocolate, beer, wine, hard cider, salami, and prosciutto are fermented. Sauerkraut and kim chi are fermented. Many of our favorite foods are fermented in one way or another.

Nutritionists and scientists are interested in studying fermented foods now more than ever, and they are discovering just how and why these foods have been fermented in many cultures for thousands of years all over the world.

We want you to feel better and live longer by supporting regular, healthy digestion.

Seattle Kombucha is committed to helping you live a healthy, active life by providing you with delicious, digestive tonics that you enjoy drinking.


Thanks for learning more about what kombucha is, why people drink it regularly and why Seattle Kombucha can help you on your health journey. We hope you will join us and drink Seattle Kombucha daily.

ps. If you want us to teach you how to make your own great tasting kombucha at home, we sell kombucha starter kits, instructions, videos and support, as well other home making supplies. Click on the link below to learn more and order now!


- Wayne Greenfield, Founder and Head BrewMaster
Seattle Kombucha Company, LLC




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