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Kombucha Catering for your Event/Wedding - Book Now!

Kombucha for your Wedding/Event: BOOK NOW!

Prepare to have fun and drink The World's Best Kombucha™ at your special event! 

• Non-Alcoholic Options for Your Event

Seattle Kombucha is a

• delicious
• healthy
• low-sugar
• non-alcoholic
• gut friendly beverage

option to provide for your wedding and party guests.Ranging from light and fruity to more bold, you can order whatever Seattle Kombucha flavors you want to match your event, menu, budget and goals. After all that wonderful food and dessert, a gut-friendly kombucha is a welcome option for your guests.

Seattle Kombucha cocktails for your wedding or event

• Kombucha Cocktails!

You can also use our kombucha as mixers to make unique, signature Seattle Kombucha cocktails for your event. Suggestions include:

Blood Orange mixed with vanilla v0dka or wh1skey
Ginger used in any mule or ginger ale/ginger beer cocktail
Mango with mango flavored v0dka, tequi11a, tr1plesec, etc
Raspberry Rose with v0dka or champagn3

(Sorry for the misspellings, but otherwise the search engines and online marketing channels label us as selling booze and limit our reach.)

To get started, you can order a Seattle Kombucha Variety Pack to help you choose the flavors and options that best suite your event goals and budget.

• Cans or Kegs?

In general, purchasing cans for your event is easier than kegs because:

• Seattle Kombucha cans don't require refrigeration
• You can mix and match flavors, and serve multiple flavors
• Anything not consumed can be easily stored or given to guests to take home
• There is no empty keg to return and no partially-full keg to keep refrigerated until it is returned
• Cans can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Please contact Wayne at wayne@seattlekombucha.com or Call or Text Wayne at (425) 985-2364 to discuss the details of your order for your Special Day.