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At Seattle Kombucha, we are passionate about making insanely delicious, low sugar, low calorie, gut-friendly beverages that help you enjoy life without guilt. Our ideal customer is someone who 'probably' cares about the health benefits of drinking kombucha, but drinks Seattle Kombucha over other brands because we are consistently delicious. If your fans want to have the World's Best Kombucha™ delivered straight to their door, then we may be a great match. Our flavors are: • Delicious • Low-sugar • Non-alcoholic • Don't require refrigeration. Seattle Kombucha is a family-owned business. We are a craft kombucha brewery located in WA. We ship across the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. We are not available in stores. And we plan to expand shipping to Canada in 2024. Please apply if you think that we might be a great fit. We look forward to working with you. Cheers! Wayne Greenfield, Owner and Head Brewer


Partnership opportunities

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