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Virtual Kombucha Brewery Tour and Tasting w/ 12 bottle Sample Pack - Serves up to 4 people!

Virtual Seattle Kombucha Brewery Tour & Tasting Experience w/ 12 bottle Sample Pack, for up to 4 people -  Available Now!

Stuck at home for the holidays in Seattle or Tacoma? Need a great home event for your family? Looking for a unique gift idea? Order a Virtual Brewery Tour & Tasting today and enjoy a 12 bottle Variety Pack of our Seattle Kombucha at home while watching our Virtual Kombucha Brewery Tour and Tasting videos.
Now, for the first time ever, you can experience our popular and well-rated kombucha brewery tour and tasting experience on video while you taste our delicious kombucha flavors from the comfort and safety of your home.

Prepare to have fun with your family and friends doing something unique, delicious, educational and fun. Let Seattle Kombucha Company bring our fun and flavorful Seattle Kombucha Brewery Tour and Tasting Event direct to you.

Virtual Kombucha Brewery Tour and Tasting, brewmaster, Wayne  Making Kombucha at Seattle Kombucha Company


Our Seattle Kombucha Online Brewery Tour and Home Tasting Event includes:


• 12 bottles of Seattle Kombucha delivered to your doorstep.To be opened and enjoyed during the tour and tasting experience. You will get the chance to taste lots of refreshing, delicious, locally made, organic kombucha.

Seattle Kombucha Company Kegs in multiple flavors
Online access to our Virtual Seattle Kombucha Brewery Tour and Tasting Experience. Watch the videos whenever it is convenient for you. The whole experience should last 30 - 45 minutes....


Tasting different Kombucha flavors


How to order and use your Virtual Video Brewery Tour and Tasting Experience include?


1. Order the Tour and Tasting Experience below.
2. Your local Seattle/Tacoma delivery will be scheduled within a few days of ordering.
3. Put the bottles in the fridge until you are ready to begin the Experience.
4. When you are ready to start, take out and open your 12 bottle sample pack, and get out your tasting glasses. We recommend using wine, beer or 'on the rocks' glasses if you have them.
5. Locate the email you received and follow the link to start the video(s). ENJOY.


From light & fruity, to bold & complex, you'll get to taste a wide range of 12 unique and delicious kombucha and water kefir flavors and styles made right here in Seattle, WA!

• You will learn about what makes Seattle Kombucha unique and better than other kombucha brands.

• You and your guests will discover the wonderful world of kombucha and learn why kombucha and other fermented drinks have become so popular. You'll also learn about our history and how we got started in the kombucha business.
• You will get a backstage tour of our Seattle Kombucha brewery from our Founder and Head Brewmaster, Wayne Greenfield. And discover how kombucha is made commercially at our brewery.


Seattle Kombucha Company Brewery Tour


• We will answer some of the most common questions we receive during our live kombucha tours and tasting events. If you have any additional comments or questions during your Experience, please send them along in the Comments section of the video(s).

*Even if you think that some members of your family may not like kombucha, most people who are 'dragged' to our in-person tour and tasting events by their friends and family say that our Seattle Kombucha flavors are the best they have ever tasted, and that they are very approachable and easy to drink. Many have become lifelong customers.

Many of our previous guests have been very happily surprised that they actually ENJOYED our kombucha after tasting it. Please see our reviews on Groupon for similar comments and to see what people are saying about us. If you have any questions, please contact us at (425) 985-2364.

If you have a group larger than 4, please order one Tour and Tasting Experience for each 4 person group to make sure you have enough kombucha available for your entire group.

Allow 30-45 minutes for the tasting experience. Each bottle is 12 oz. Each Tour & Tasting Package includes enough kombucha for up to 4 people (3 oz each of all 12 flavors).


Order Online Now.

NOTE: Home Delivery Only Available in SEATTLE AND TACOMA AREAS - We cannot deliver/ship outside the local area. If you're not sure if we will deliver to you, please call us at (425) 985-2364.

Users outside the area who want to participate in one of our events can sign up for our Kombucha 101 Master Class: How to Make Great Kombucha at Home online class. We CAN ship the Kombucha Starter Liquid and SCOBY anywhere in the USA.