5 Gallon Keg of GINGER JASMINE™ Kombucha - *Requires Kegerator


• Light and Crisp
• Refreshing Taste of Green Tea
• Mild Ginger so It's Not Too Bold or Spicy



• Tastes Delicious
• Low in Sugar
• Health Benefits of Green Tea and Ginger
• Has Naturally Occurring Beneficial Acids and Vitamins for Digestive Support
• Replaces Less Healthy Alternatives
• Vegan, Non-GMO, No Artificial Colors and No Artificial Flavors
• Makes a Great Base for Mixed Drinks



• Replace your citrus soda (7-up, Slice, etc)
• Replace your ginger beer or ginger ale with this low sugar, full flavored digestive tonic
• Add a splash to your cooking or salad dressing



Kombucha (Filtered Water, Live Probiotic Culture, Green Tea, Organic Sugar, Tea, Jasmine Flowers), Organic Ginger Juice.



• Kegs are currently only available in the Seattle/Tacoma markets. If you are outside of the area, please Order Cans with FREE SHIPPING!*.

• Kegs require a kegerator. If you don't have one, you can't serve from a keg.

• Each keg is 5 gallons, and provides the equivalent of 50 12oz servings.

•  Available in sanke or cornelius (corny) style kegs. You also have to purchase an empty stainless keg, which is a one-time purchase.

• Initial Keg Purchase: We can either provide stainless Cornelius (Corny) Kegs with a one-time $50 keg purchase, or stainless "Sanke D" style kegs with a one-time $100 keg purchase. You will own the keg and we will swap it with another similar keg when you re-order. We can also convert your kegerator from Sanke D to Corny keg for $50 one-time fee per connection.

Why Kegs?

Why Kegs?:

• Some people prefer pulling a tap handle instead of popping the top of a can or bottle to get their kombucha.

• You can provide the best tasting, non-alcoholic SEATTLE KOMBUCHA - ON TAP in your office, restaurant, bar, cafe, dorm room or home. 

• Everyone will appreciate having kombucha available on tap for small sips, mixing drinks, or taking it to-go in your favorite container.



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