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"Private Kombucha Making Class" with BrewMaster Wayne Greenfield

"Private Kombucha Making Class"' with BrewMaster Wayne Greenfield

Virtual Kombucha Brewery Tour and Tasting, brewmaster, Wayne Making Kombucha at Seattle Kombucha Company
Ready to do something fun and flavorful with friends and family? Looking for a unique gift idea? Private Kombucha Making Classes are available to small private groups up to 8 persons. Where? At our manufacturing facility in Tacoma, WA near the Tacoma Dome.

Do something unique, delicious, educational and fun. Book and enjoy our fun and flavorful Private Kombucha Making Class with BrewMaster Wayne Greenfield.
Our Private Kombucha Making Class with BrewMaster Wayne Greenfield includes:
• 12 or more samples of Seattle Kombucha flavors.We will open or pour from tap and sample at least 12 unique, refreshing flavors or variations during class. You will get the chance to taste lots of delicious, locally made kombucha and learn the back stories behind some of our most beloved popular and unique flavors. You will also get to smell and taste some of the teas and ingredients we use to make our kombucha.
• 1 FREE Scoby and 2 Gallon Starter Kit to take home with you after the class. Additional SCOBY and 2 Gallon Starter Kits are available for $50 each. Or additional SCOBY and 5 Gallon Starter Kits are available for $75 each to students of the private class immediately after the class ends.
How long will the Private Kombucha Making Class with BrewMaster Wayne Greenfield last?
The whole experience should last about 2 hours, give or take, with ample time to taste and purchase kombucha, home brewing supplies, and brewery merchandise.
Tasting different Kombucha flavors 
NOTE:*Even if some members of your family think that they don't like kombucha, most people who are 'dragged' to our events say that our Seattle Kombucha flavors are the best they have ever tasted, and that they are very approachable and easy to drink. Many of these previous nay sayers have become lifelong customers.

Many of our previous guests have been very happily surprised that they actually ENJOYED our kombucha after tasting it. Please see our reviews on Groupon for similar comments and to see what people are saying about us. If you have any questions, please Call or Text Wayne at (425) 985-2364.

Please allow 2 hours for the entire experience and show up 10 minutes before your event start time. We look forward to seeing you at the brewery! 
After purchasing this item, please contact Wayne Greenfield to book your event. Email wayne@seattlekombucha.com or Call or Text (425) 985-2364.